dead simple synth

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How to Play

dead simple synth is a simple synthesizer that generates audio using the very excellent tone.js web audio framework.

To begin playing, click on any of the keys on the keyboard. The synth captures the notes on its screen. If you add more notes than the screen can display, use the scroll bar on the the side of the screen to review notes outside of the display area.

Once you have played your notes, play the song you've created by clicking the PLAY BACK button.

You can delete the song at anytime by clicking the CLEAR button.

You can also select different types of synths: poly, duo, metal, and FM.

About the Notes on the Screen

When you click on a key, the synth displays the corresponding note on its screen with a number beside it, such as C4. The number beside each note specifies which octave, or pitch, the note was played in. A standard piano contains 77 keys devided into seven octaves. dead simple synth contains three octaves from the standard piano layout: three, four, and five.

For example, the fourth black key (known as a "sharp" or "accidental") from the left is a G sharp (#) note played played in the third octive.